PCA9698 based module

Anyone got part for the PCA9698 based module? See the picture below.
If no, any sugestion to create it from scratch? reuse any existing part?


It doesn’t look like there is a part, but it is easy enough to make (at least for me, perhaps less so for you :slight_smile: ), main additional requirement is the widtj of the .1 connectors (i.e the connectors are .9in wide, 1in, 1.1in?) I can probably figure it out from the image above and the size of the module, but measurement from a real board is a better bet.


Thank you vanepp for your support. Yes it is less easy for me :frowning: Please find below the width. If you can help me to produce this part. I just need to the part with the yellow connectors and the blue PCB :slight_smile:


Here is a part. There is no pcb because it isn’t useful (the module won’t connect to a pcb except maybe upside down!) The pins are all set to female so it won’t autoconnect to the breadboard (because the I/O pins on the dual headers would short.)

SX-GP10-KB.fzpz (18.5 KB)


Peter, you are abolutely fantastic :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for your help