Paying for PCB design

I am looking for someone to design a circuit based on LT3420 found here:

I need the design ASAP so I can order the boards
The design should follow pg1 Figure 1 “Typical Application”
the PCB has to be less than 8.50mm * 46mm

the second layout needed based on pg 16
Same requirements.


Something like this?

From page 15 of the datasheet:

The high voltage operation of the LT3420/LT3420-1
demands careful attention to board layout. You will not
get advertised performance with careless layout. Fig-
ures 11 and 12 show the recommended component

Both of the suggest board layouts will be much larger than your requested 8.5mm x 46mm board size.

Due to the high voltages, I don’t see anyway of creating what you want in the size you want…