Paying for firtzing

Hi All,

New here, Felt that this had to get of my chest…
I live in europe where credit cards are rare, atleast in my country.

Now that being said I do have one and wanted to pay the 8 bucks, But paypal wants me to create a account, and that is where I draw the line.
I order Reolink stuff from germany they also use paypal but dont need an account and I can pay with my local more common pay method.

Is there a way I can pay on a different method?
Feel like in this manner fritzing is blocking a potential userbase…

Hi William, if you want you can also use a free version.
It is not the newest version but it still works. I for myself work with it.

Link: Fritzing.Malavida


But its not a download from the source so there is a security risk by just downloading this from the web. (And I prefer the latest version because of bugs etc.)

Thus still wondering if there is a hidden payment method available to get my hands on it.

I had a similar problem and was told of an alternate option which worked without paypal:

I’d suggest trying that.



Thanks Worked like a charm!

Remember to keep the link that is included in the receipt email. That link will let you download new versions without donating for around 1 year.