Parts request - Female DA-15 (AKA gameport) connector

I’m trying to design a PCB to implement an adaptor to use a Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro on a modern computer via USB. It’s a pretty simple design that relies on a Teensy 2.0 to do most of the heavy lifting, but I need a female DA-15 to connect the joystick to.

It looks like that isn’t part of the included Fritzing library, so is there any chance somebody has a part already created for those?

Search this forum and GOO image search by adding Fritzing to the title.

Assuming a da-15 is a standard vga connector these may do you:

found via a google search for “fritzing part db15”


It’s actually not a VGA connector, unfortunately. It’s a gameport connector (a row of eight pins on top and seven on the bottom), the kind you’d connect a joystick to like 25 years ago. I did manage to find one on Google, though, so I think I’m good.

In case anybody else has the same question in the future, the one I found is It seems to be the right shape, layout, dimensions, etc.