Parts Request - 8x8 RGB LED 60*60mm Module

I am looking for a Fritzing part for the 8x8 Matrix RGB LED Common Anode Full Colour LED 60*60mm modules you can get on eBay and other sources. Fritzing 0.9.3b has a 8x8 LED module, but it is single color. I’ve searched for it, but can’t find it anywhere.

Any help would be much appreciated!

What’s wrong with the “LED Matrix - Serial Interface - Red/Green/Blue” in the bin, it’s RGB.

It’s not the name thing. It only has pins for serial connections to a built in controller and a slightly different form factor. I want the raw matrix with the 32 pins for the 24 columns (R, G, and B times 8) and 8 rows.

I’m doing one, it will be up in a while.


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Ahh, you want the full 32 pins.

Good work supplying the datasheet, it saves time.

Well a while was a while longer than I expected because I forgot why I recreated this part for Brad’s board, which is because the one in core is messed up. It did point out a few more things my parts script needs to look for though, so it wasn’t wasted effort. Here is a part that I think matches the data sheet. Note you need to check the pcb footprint is correct because I used the same foot print (expanded) as the original part but the measurements don’t exactly match the data sheet (which isn’t all that clear on the pin spacing anyway). Its easy to change if it isn’t right but I don’t have any of the parts.

edit: replaced with a corrected part below. If you downloaded this one please grab
the corrected one.


I had trouble reading the numbers too because the pic isn’t high res.

I think it’s 2.54mm(100mil) x 15(16 pins = 15 spaces) = 35.56mm, which is weird because it’s 38.1mm, centered on the assumed centerline.
And 45.72mm, which is 18 x 2.54mm, centered on the assumed centerline.

Huh, I didn’t notice that. 35.56 = 2.54*14 … I think it i a type. I know this unit fits into a breadboard just fine, and there are 16 pins per row.

Thanks so much! I will double check the measurements myself. I think that data sheet issue is just a typo.

Actually, I do see one issue. You part is common cathode. How would I switch it to common anode? I know I can just present the cathode is the anode for the PCB view, but then my schematic is messed up. Yeah, I know the spec sheet was common cathode too.

If it’s just the labels right-click Edit (new part edit), and go to Connectors and change the pin labels - you can also change META. Then just save it as a new part giving it a different name

Edit it with Inksscape and change the diodes :slight_smile: , easy to say, but unless you are familiar with Inkscape there is a learning curve so I did it.

gtm2088argb-21.fzpz (32.7 KB)

Thank you! I appreciate the help.