Parts position on the breadboard

Hello guys,
im new to Fritzing an Ive got a problem with the positioning of parts on the breadboard. The parts dont “flip” into the holes of the breadboard, they are placed slightly beside. Is there a solution for that?


Assuming the Parts are good/etc. Turn off the Align to Grid. Or, set the Grid to smaller spacing…

Can you tell us which part is giving you trouble? It could be a misconfiguration in the part rather than anything you are doing.


its the board(ESPRESSIF ESP32 Wroom 32D) aswell as the ultrasonic sensor hc sr04.

Yep the sr04 part in core is broken (misaligned by 0.05in in breadboard). As @opera_night suggested either turn of snap to grid by clicking View-Snap to grid, or a maybe better alternative use View->Set Grid Size from the default 0.1in to 0.05in at which point the sro4 snaps to the breadboard properly. I don’t see the ESP32 Wroom 32D in core parts, so that is likely a user supplied part. There are some in parts submit (search the forum for ESP32 Wroom 32D) and one of those may work better, or upload the .fzpz file of the part you have and I can fix it up for you.



HC-SR04.fzpz (30.4 KB)

There it is. Thanks for fixing it :slight_smile:

OK here is a corrected version of one of the ones in core:

HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor.fzpz (26.3 KB)


thank you so much! Appreciate it!