Parts not plugging into breadboards or protoboards (?)


I am new to Fritzing.

I’m having trouble plugging some of the Adafruit breakouts into breadboards and/or protoboards. Specifically, the FONA UFL breakout will not “plug in”. I had similar problems with the Adafruit ProTrinket 3V, but not with the ProtTrinket 5V. To fix, I had to add the ProTrinket 5V to my breadboard (which does plug in), and then manually adjust the position of the 3V to match that of the 5V, and then delete the 5V.

I tried manually moving the FONA to match the position of other chips that do plug in, but Fritzing will not let me specify the correct position- almost as if there were a problem with the spatial resolution or snapping tolerance.

For the time being, my FONA breakout is hanging out in space as per the .fzz associated with this project:

What am I doing wrong? Thank you.

So - still having issues. The problem only appears to occur on Macs; if I work on a PC, the parts lock okay as per the .fzz posted here

Now,if I bring that .fzz to a Mac, and then move the part, I cannot get it to lock back into the breadboard after removing it. Is there a setting I am missing somewhere, or is this just a bug?

Update: EUREKA! If I uncheck “align to grid” from the View menu, the problem goes away. At last - I can work on my Mac again!