Parts for solar charge controllers?


Could someone please help to upload Fritzing parts for common solar charge controllers? For example, the DFR0264 and BQ24074.

There doesn’t appear to be a part for the DFR0264 but the BQ24074. is in the Adafruit Fritzing library on github ready for download. I’m not sure it is worth making a part for the DFR0264 as I expect the Adafruit part would do for both.


How are you importing the BQ24074 part exactly?

When I download the master branch of Adafruit’s part collection, I can see that is has the older LiPO-only charger, but alas not the hybrid Li-Ion / LiPO BQ24074.

which is

Which is found in technical details on the Adafruit page and

Adafruit USB LiPoly Charger.fzpz

Which appears to be the original charger. You need to use google to search for Fritzing parts. Typically a search for “fritzing part BQ24074” which has this web page as the first hit, will find the part. In Adafruit’s case reading their excellent web pages looking in technical details for references to Fritzing parts is also a good bet.


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Well, thank you for pointing out the file. I was using the right repository, but the Fritzing import process didn’t work as documented. And I can’t find the part by searching for any of its keywords.

Working around this by first opening my project, and then using the File menu to navigate to the specific part in a git clone / archive download.