Parts Editor loosing embedded Breadboard image from SVG

I’m finding that the Parts Editor looses images embedded within the SVG. Google failed me on this occasion :weary:

My new part is a DC-DC Boost Buck Adjustable Step Up Step Down Automatic Converter XL6009 Module. At this stage all I really want is parts for the Breadboard & Icon, I’m not planning on creating PCBs.

I have used InkScape to create the image, and when I got problems I used Boxy SVG to do a Save As to check the image. All are attached.

I started with the following image created in Paint:
C:\Users\Geoff\Documents\Fritzing\parts\svg\user\breadboard\XL6009 Buck module\archive:

I then created various SVGs in C:\Users\Geoff\Documents\Fritzing\parts\svg\user\breadboard:

EDIT: please see the FZP & FZPZ below since I don’t seem to be able to upload the SVGs to this Post.

Using InkScape ‘XL6009_BuckModule_fromJPG_v2d_MovedUp.svg’:

(it appears that I can’t show my SVGs: > )

Boxy SVG ‘XL6009_BuckModule_fromJPG_v2f_byBoxySVG.svg’:

(so why that doesn’t upload… > )

and Fritzing even created many, including ‘XL6009-v5_6339b8a6f7f49072dcf6e68da80a4cc9_3_breadboard.svg’:

(does IMG SRC not work here?: > )

It’s been a long journey, at one point I found the following old XML element in the SVG so I removed it.:


Simplest case:

  1. right-click the Mystery Part.

  2. Edit Part (new parts editor)…

  • shows the Breadboard tab.
  1. File > Load image for view…

  2. C:\Users\Geoff\Documents\Fritzing\parts\svg\user\breadboard\XL6009_BuckModule_fromJPG_v2f_byBoxySVG.svg

  • shows the image OK.
  1. Icon tab.

  2. File > Reuse Breadboard image.

  • this image is never seen elsewhere in Fritzing.
  1. Breadboard tab.
  • sometimes the image is no longer visible here…, perhaps if the pins are set.
  1. Change the Metadata so I can recognise the new part.

  2. Drag the new part onto the Breadboard tab

  • no embedded image…!

XL6009-v5_6339b8a6f7f49072dcf6e68da80a4cc9_3.fzp (3.3 KB)

The latest Export (doesn’t show the image):
XL6009 v5.fzpz (46.4 KB)
(I’m aware that this one only has 3 pins, all un-assigned, but I’ve grown weary of repeatedly doing that bit…:confounded:)

I’m using:

Thanks for any help :wink:

Did you import the pic into Inkscape, trace it to bitmap, delete the original, and save as a plain svg.

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Thanks Old_Grey, that works much better :wink:

I found this link based on the Trace To Bitmap hint:

…To use the tracer, load or import an image, select it, and select the Path > Trace Bitmap item

…After tracing, it is also suggested that the user try Path > Simplify

I just need to get the image to look right, playing with the settings I guess…

Pity it can’t Import a Bitmap such that the Trace Bitmap is not required. But I tried that without success…

I skipped the Connectors initially to check the solution, and that led me on a merry dance as the Part had a red hue, and was not movable, something made me try adding the connectors…

Thanks again,

Another option to consider (and what I usually do) is find something similar (in this case the rio rand lm2596 in core parts may be a good start) and then use copy and paste in Inkscape (or the drawing package of your choice) to steal appropriate bits from other parts to build the breadboard view. There are a number of folks (and parts by said folks) around that have very nice breadboard images to use.


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Hi vanepp, I searched for lm2596 in core parts, but it didn’t return anything…:eyeglasses:

Meanwhile I have something half decent after going for black-on-white labels using 14 point font :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::

I’m going to do a few more, the quality will go up, and I’ll put them on GitHub :wink:

GeoFritz :slight_smile:

Hmm, then you may want to try help->check for updates to see if you get a parts database update. It is supposed to be automatic at each start but I have had cases where a update was available but didn’t load til I clicked the check for updates button. For me searching for either lm2596 or rio rand brings up the part (note you have to hit enter to actually make the search, clicking doesn’t start search) as I think the rio rand was a recent update. Any way you can get a part that is acceptable to you is a good way to get a part :slight_smile: so if what you are doing is working keep going.


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Thanks Peter, After an update I have the RioRand lm2596 ;-), and lots of others :slight_smile: