Particle photon disappears off beadboard view (but stays in schematics and pcb)

this has happend a couple times: i create a new fritzing project with a particle photon. all looks fine. i save it, switch views, maybe quit/restart fritzing and then the photon has disappeared off the breadboard. it is still on the other views. any idea?

Looks like the photon part in core isn’t quite correct. It doesn’t have groups breadboardbreadboard in breadboard and schematic in schematic. Normally that doesn’t affect much except svg export, but in this case may be the cause of your problem. In the part below I added the two missing groups (without testing anything more than seeing it still loads and has red dots on connections though :slight_smile: ) so try replacing your photon with this and see if that works.

Photon_fixed.fzpz (38.5 KB)

thanks. i removed the old photon and put yours in. saved, quit fritzing and open up again: gone again… maybe it is something with my project. i will start over completely from scratch

Well it was worth a try :slight_smile: I made a simple sketch just the new photon and an 8 pin connector and that saves and loads (a couple of times for the load) for me.

test.fzz (46.0 KB)

Did you make changes from different views? Best practice is to do the complete project in one view and then use the rats nest lines to compete the other 2. Changes in multiple views have been known to corrupt the sketch and starting over is usually the only solution.


Did you zoom out to the maximum to see if it moved to the outskirts of the view.

Maybe edit that part and save it as a new part, and use that.

i see see the green around the breadboard dots. so i know it is there but invisible…

i made a new project, added your photon and some other stuff. saved/quit/open/some more edits etc etc: still there! so far so good. thanks for your help!

This has been a weird one! Hopefully it continues to go well.


I know things get weird when you draw stuff in one view and add something in another view, but invisible, that’s a new one.

We kind-of have to fudge around the problems as this is a small project that currently doesn’t have the manpower to fix stuff in a reasonable time, so basically work in 1 view until it’s perfect and then trust the ratsnests in the others.