Particle Argon, Boron, Xenon (3rd gen / mesh) devices

Particle_Mesh_Parts.fzbz (254.6 KB)

Here are Fritzing parts for the Particle Argon, Boron, and Xenon devices

Hello Rob, thanks a lot for sharing those ESP32 based boards!

On the manufacturer site I saw they also have a “B Series B523 SoM or Tracker T523 SoM”, which works with 3G / LTE in Europe. Is that device similar to the Boron LTE?

No problem! I created these for my class. They were the first Fritzing parts I made and someone commented on the forum the size might be slightly off. If that’s the case and anyone ever wants to modify them, that would be most welcome. Here is the repo

I’m not as familiar with the B Series SoM, but I believe they are based on the same technology / microcontroller as the Boron but in a different form factor; I think the SoM plugs into another device.