Part sought: PJ-301M vertical 3.5 mm mono jack

It’s similar to PJ398sm which @vanepp has made in the past.

This is as close to a proper spec sheet I could find. The pins fit in 1.1 mm holes, so well within tolerance. EDIT: my test was to place it in a pcb where the pins (5 in a row) accomodate it.

Another variant, with nearly the exact same name (PJ-301M-12) is identical but for having slightly wider pins (1.3 mm in comparison with 1 mm).

Easy enough to make one. I see in the PJ398sm that there is an extra hole where the Jack enters (circled in red here)

Does the PJ-301M need that hole? The Thonkiconn part here:

has a pcb layout which does not show the extra hole and it is (as of Fritzing 1.0.2 I think) now possible to cut slots in parts although I expect a 1.1mm hole is a better bet (for people with older Fritzing versions, and possibly board houses that can’t cut slots if there are any.)

I’ll make a part with 1.1mm holes for the pins.


The hole isn’t needed, since it’s easy to route around. The thonk guys are exercising an abundance of caution :slight_smile:

Very kind of you to take it on! One day I’ll have to spend some time making parts. But I’m swamped !


This part should do what you want.

PJ-301M.fzpz (4.1 KB)


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Thanks! That will definitely work.

The holes are the better solution in any case. How does one do slots? I’ve only ever edited the one part (expanding the pads on a button). Does one simply draw a pad as a rectangle?

EDIT: I ask since I’d like to fix the 5 pin 3.5mm stereo jack which always sits crooked in it’s current form.

It is a little complex, in the part you need to add an outline svg like you were cutting a slot in the pcb (the requirement of the path is documented, it needs to be a single path formed via a differential union.) You didn’t used to be able to do this in parts only a sketch but in one of (I think!) the 1.0 versions they added it to parts. I don’t think the part will work in older versions of Fritzing though as they didn’t support slots in parts. There is an example part available in the examples directory here:



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Ok, thanks for the tip. I’ve just started making small breakout boards (for a vactrol, for pots and so on) and it’s a good opportunity to test making parts for production without it costing a fortune or wasting too much material!