Part Requests: Kf235 and KF142R

Does anyone happen to have these parts - specifically 3 pin (width) variant:

Kf235 - 3.81mm pitch

Kf235 - 5.0mm pitch

KF142R 5.08mm pitch

I always suck at making new parts (I’ve yet to succeed ha) so hoping someone might already have found or made these parts?

Any of those would be great

OR - if someone already has part for a 3 pin spring terminal that’s similar and allows quick connect/release like these, please do give me a link to the fritzing part AND an AliExpress link or similar and I will just use those

As always google is your friend a google search of the form “fritzing part Kf235” turns up this post which looks to cover the first variant (in 3 and 8 pin versions). If you need the other ones as well it should be easy to adapt so just ask.


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I searched google and this forum before posting so no idea how I missed that!! Although I was specifically searching KF235 so maybe that didn’t pick it up for one reason or another.

I do always search google and this forum first before posting a request.

Thanks for the post though, looks like it will work great, thanks again

Edit - the KF250 seems stupidly expensive for a single one compared to the KF235 ha - although I think I maybe able to use the part you created as a foot print to edit and make work though :slight_smile: I seem to do better editing similar parts than I do making a new one


I just posted the KF142R in 2 pin and 3 pin
KF142R 2 PIN

KF142R 3 PIN

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