Part Request Waveshare RP2040-Zero

I’m looking for or requesting a Fritzing Part for the Waveshare RP2040-Zero

I’ve searched but couldn’t find a part already made.

Many thanks in advance

OK here are three parts that should do what you want.Normally use the first part

waveshare-rp2040-zero-tht.fzpz (12.7 KB)

it ignores the 10 pins on the solder pad on the bottom of the board which is probably normally what you want to do.
This one is a SMD part with all the pins present. I don’t know that it will solder to a board with the chips on the bottom, but if it will this should do it.

waveshare-rp2040-zero-smd.fzpz (13.5 KB)

and finally a THT part with the extra connectors.

waveshare-rp2040-zero-tht-extra-conns.fzpz (13.8 KB)

This one has the holes for a Harwin M50-3531042 1.27mm male header the cpu board would need a mating smd male or female soldered to it. That is likely to be too flimsy to survive long though. This will get you the extra pins in a THT implementation. The three of them look like this:

note the three types can be swapped in Inspector if the parts are saved in the mine parts bin (there is a bug that prevents this if the parts are not saved.) They pass professional DRC with the default rules.


and breadboard (the bottom pins and the 1.27mm pins are set to female so they will not short on the breadboard but would in real life if there are pins present!) Note the THT version doesn’t show the 10 pins on the 1.27mm header.

eit: forgot breadboard!

Note that it will probably be required that you start at the 1.27mm header pin to get a successful connection in breadboard!


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Wowzers, above and beyond! That’s amazing, Thank you so much. Do you have a PayPal donation link or anything?
The “Normal” THT version was all I had in mind.

No, make a donation to Fritzing development if you like though. I like making parts.


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If you’re sure? I don’t actually see a “donate” link on the Fritzing website anywhere, but I presume I could just re-purchase at 8/25euro when downloading? Will it let me pay twice? (I suppose I could just try and see ha)

Yes that is the place (there used to be a donate button, but I think it has gone in the web page updates) as far as I know it will let you pay multiple times if you want. Funding further development is the most important task in Fritzing. Development stalled for 4 or 5 years and Fritzing almost died due to old libraries.


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I’ll give it a go and report back! … I do remember it went stale for a while. I was very happy when I saw 0.9.8/0.9.9/0.9.10 rolling out. There’s just something about fritzing that’s so awesome. I often get people bugging me to switch to Altium or EasyEDA / Eagle / KiCad or any other number of PCB CAD Tools but honestly, they get so confusing and overkill it’s crazy! Fritzing is the perfect tool for me, it’s so easy to build PCBs (I’ve yet to learn building parts from scratch, although I did find your post with tutorials and your own guide when fixing parts last night and plan to go through them). Personally, as a hobbyist (me) this is the best tool hands down for making my own PCBs. Admittedly I never use the schematic or breadboard view - but that’s because I just jump straight in making the PCB for my own stuff :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your help and your support of Fritzing