Part request for WT32-SC01 Plus

Looking for a part file to represent a WT32-SC01 Plus. I haven’t created anything more complex than basic ICs in the Part creator before and this one is a bit beyond my current abilities. Can anyone help?

Information and datasheet is available at Module I have is actually branded Panlee but is distributed under many names and all appear to be the same except for different flash memory sizes which doesn’t affect the part in the context of Fritzing.

This part should do what you want. PCB is implemented as 0.1in headers (while the connectors are 1.5mm and 2mm on the actual device) so you can connect wires from the device to pcb. As well due to the small connectors in breadboard you need to start the wire at the device end then connect it to where it should go like this

As you see the connections are in the correct place on the edge of the device.

WT32-SC01-Plus.fzpz (5.7 KB)


That’s perfect for my needs - thanks