Part Request For This AC-DC Converter

Hello all, I need fritzing part for this AC to DC converter

Here is the schematic

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Easy enough to do, but not enough information to do it. It lacks the position of the connectors, it has the pitch but not the x/y position. Nor any indication of how large the connectors are such as hole size (or even if there is a hole). Do you have the part number of the url for the board?


Hey there! thanks for the reply!
I’m not sure, but I think think this should help

If you click on “Open in Editor” you can find some more details

Click on what to “open in editor”. the post is a jpeg image, opening it in a jpeg viewer provides no more details. I was looking for the a part number or the site that sells it to find more details (maybe) from that.


The part number is WX-DC12003

You have to click on the “this” on both of my posts. They are hyperlinks, the one in my initial post is a link to where I bought it from and my second post has a link to a website with more information

Also thanks again for taking the time to help me!

Ah! I’m old and obviously getting blind. I missed the red link in the post and was only looking at the jpg. The ebay listing should give enough info to make a part.


OK this should do the job. Pin location in PCB will probably be wrong (although spacing should be OK) as there isn’t any info on where they should be. If you can compare it to the real device and feed back corrections I’ll fix it.

WX-DC12003.fzpz (14.9 KB)


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