Part request Finder 94.14 Relay Socket & Finder 55.34 Relay



I’m looking for these two parts:

1.) Finder Relay Socket 94.14
2.) Finder Relay 55.34 (4 CO 7 A)

Can anyone help me with this?

The datasheet is here:


This should do what you need. As always before ordering boards, print out the footprint at 1:1 and check it against a real part as this was made from the data sheet and may be wrong.

Finder55.34.fzpz (8.9 KB)



Sorry for the late reply, but I didn’t receive a mail notification on your answer.
Thanks a lot, this looks perfect!!!


It appears from a post on github

that things are in a lot worse shape than I was aware. One of them (which I knew some of but not how bad it was) is the web server. From the post above:

“For the greater picture.
The “free beer” download missing is not a bug. Fritzing almost died. The server was infested with bots that tried to hack other websites. The email system was not working anymore. Email reputation down, probably it was spamming, too, but I don’t have proof for that. Google capture plugin ran out, and it took several months to fix this. Valid bug fixes and pull requests from the community were ignored. Knowledge about the build toolchain lost, dependency on unsupported tools, website not updated to comply with law, website missing Transport Layer Security, Spam and viruses on the Fritzing project page, obsolete tickets staying open forever… I could go on longer. What I am trying to say is that unfixed bugs and an outdated release 0.9.3b was only the tip of the iceberg.”

So I think either email isn’t going out, or is being filtered out by our site’s anti spam filters. I too haven’t been seeing email updates from the forums for some time now that I think about it, but I no longer have access to my mail sites logs (I used to be an administrator there) to check if the mail is coming in but being rejected as spam (10 years ago when I retired, %99 of incoming mail was being rejected as spam by the spam filters.) The only bright part is that it is being worked on, I believe this is part of what is slowing down the 0.9.4 release, the infrastructure (including the build system) had deteriorated much more than was expected and is a lot of work to correct with not much money or staff to correct it.