Part request ER14250 battery holder

Hi, I’m looking for a ER14250 battery holder for my PCB for this kind of battery:

This is what the battery holder looks like:

Datasheet for this battery holder:

Maybe this battery holder already exists, but I couldn’t find it in the existing Fritzing parts. I also searched the internet to see if people already made this, but unfortunately without success

This should do the job. As always check the footprint against a real part before ordering boards. The two 1/4 inch holes are only on silkscreen, if you want them drilled you need to drag a hole over top of them to drill the holes (the mounting pin will get drilled though).

ER14250 battery holder.fzpz (12.5 KB)


Thanks again @vanepp!

How can I check the footprint against a real part? Do I have to check the datasheet measurements?

print out a copy of either the gerber output (preferred as that is what the board will be made from) or the pcb view at 1 to 1 scale and then make sure that a real
part fits the footprint (datasheets have been known to be wrong before, or I may have screwed up a measurement). It is a lot less expensive to find a problem on a piece of paper rather than a board.