Part request blue backlight 20x4 display

Hello again, I’m asking a part for a 20x4 display with blue backlight.

I attach

a datasheet and a picture, hope they’re enough…


The 16*2 display in core parts (search for lcd display with the magnifying glass icon) will do. The controllers are all the same pinout, the software (and the lcd screen) control how many characters it has. You may need to check the form factor is the same, board sizes do vary somewhat, but most likely the generic one will do you.


There is quite a number of these LCD displays, but I think this is the current 20x4 2004A LCD display

Some displays have different pinouts, ie the LED pin polarity is changed on some, so it’s up to you to check.

20x4 2004A LCD Display - v1 - 20x4 LCD display.fzpz (14.3 KB)

Ebay listings -

FYI - I’ve been using NewHaven Display’s for several years. High quality, reliability. I purchase from them but they are on most electronics supply sites… they provide spec’s

That link explains why the original old part had a 16x4 BB pic and reversed LED polarity.

16x4 1604A LCD Display - v1 - 16x4 LCD display.fzpz (13.8 KB)

The 16x2 didn’t have mounting holes in the PCB so I made a new part.

16x4 1602A LCD Display - v1 - 16x2 LCD display.fzpz (13.2 KB)

Datasheet -