Part request: 9v battery holder + TM1637

Hey guys,

new here and need two parts that are not in the Fritzing library. If I’m crossing any guidelines here I’m very sorry. My previous post was flagged as spam.

The first part is a TM1637 7-segment display that has terminals on both ends with mounting holes:

Highly appreciated, cheers!

And the second part is a 9v battery holder for PCB direct mount:

Hopefully someone already has it or is willing to help me out by creating these two.


Hello there,

This may be helpful: 4-digit-display

Best regards!

Thanks! Now I just need something for the 9V battery holder.

Your best bet there is likely to be use the 9v battery part from core parts and then drag its pcb image out of the board in the sketch and replace it with two hole parts from core/pcb spaced the appropriate distance apart in pcb which should do what you want.