Part request: 3,2" TFT Touch screen

Good morning, has someone developed this part?
In case not could someone develod it?

This is the pin out
Pin 1: GND
Pin 2: VCC
Pin 3: N.C.
Pin 4: LCD_RS
Pin 5: LCD_WR
Pin 6: LCD_RD
Pin 7: LCD_DB8
Pin 8: LCD_DB9
Pin 9: LCD_DB10
Pin 10: LCD_DB11
Pin 11: LCD_DB12
Pin 12: LCD_DB13
Pin 13: LCD_DB14
Pin 14: LCD_DB15
Pin 15: LCD_CS
Pin 16: F_CS
Pin 18: N.C.
Pin 19: LED_A
Pin 20: N.C.
Pin 21: LCD_DB0
Pin 22: LCD_DB1
Pin 23: LCD_DB2
Pin 24: LCD_DB3
Pin 25: LCD_DB4
Pin 26: LCD_DB5
Pin 27: LCD_DB6
Pin 28: LCD_DB7
Pin 29: TouchP_CLK
Pin 30: TouchP _CS
Pin 31: TouchP _DIN
Pin 32: N.C.
Pin 33: TouchP _DOUT
Pin 34: TouchP _Penirq
Pin 35: SD_DOUT
Pin 36: SD_CLK
Pin 37: SD_DIN
Pin 38: SD_CS
Pin 39: N.C.
Pin 40: N.C.

And i attach an image with the dimensions

Thanks and regards

This should do the job. Note the mounting holes are probably not quite correct as their size isn’t specified in the drawing. They are also only on the silk screen, if you want the real hole in pcb you would need to drag a hole over top of the hole in silkscreen and set the correct size.

3.2in tft touch screen.fzpz (26.6 KB)


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excellent, thanks a lot!