Part pin, ground fill keep out

I’ve found the part “Cherry MX Keyswitch”, and started using it. Then I noticed that the copper around the pins wasn’t very wide, so exported the part and widened the pin#2 and pin#4 circles. I have now noticed that when you add the copper ground-fill, there isn’t a keep-out zone around this custom parts pins. Where do you set the ground-fill keep-out zone width around the pins in the parts editor?

In the menu under Routing / Ground Fill, at the bottom of the sub menu, select “Set Ground Fill Keepout…”. 10 mils in default, set it to what works best for your application.

Yes, I did set the ground fill keepout for the whole board, which works. But the ground fill keepout for this specific part isn’t working as the ground fill goes right up to the pins. That’s why I thought that there must be a setting in the parts editor somewhere for the groundfill keepout for the parts pins, but I can’t seem to find anything?

Sorry, you can’t set the keepout for individual parts or pins or even add keepout in the svg.

As for a quick fix to add keepout to a pin. In the Core Parts under pcv view, drag the “Hole” over the pin and set the hole “Hole Diameter” for your keepout. After adding your Ground Fill then delete the Hole.

Thanks, I’ll do that.