Part help Lcd Arduino shield

For my multimeter project i wanted 1602 LCD Board Keypad Shield I have been looking for the library of this part… You can check out my profile for the multimeter project i have started to work on

Thank you…

I request anyone to help me out soon thank you

A google search for “fritzing part LCD arduino shield” (which is the best way to find available parts) turns up this listing which appears to be what you want. It is the DFRobot part but appears identical to your picture.


Thanks I tried google but did not get what I wanted Anyway thank you what are your thoughts on the multimeter

How is this not what you want?

It appears to be the unit in your picture. I don’t have any particular thoughts on the multimeter. It can certainly be done if you have enough experience. I’m not sure how generally useful it will be though, depends on what gets produced I guess.


It is the one when i tried finding i did not get

That is why the search includes the name of the part that you are looking for (not something like LCD) in as much detail as possible. That cuts down on the number of hits you need to check to find the correct part.