Part for ordinary 2.54 male header?

New to Fritzing. Can’t figure out how to get an ordinary 2.54 male pin header. What part/variant do I use for that?

In core parts drag a generic connector in to the sketch. Then in Inspector (the lower right window) set the parameters you need (male, female etc, pin spacing, number of positions. It will only change a part in a sketch not the part in core parts.


Looks great. Thanks!

Is there a way to make the parts panel icons bigger?

Not that I know of. It is set by the code and AFAIK not changeable. The only thing that might work is expand the size of the entire Fritzing window.


This is not exactly what you asked for, but it is possible to change the parts panel from icon to list view.
I experimented with increasing the size from 32px to 42px in the Parts bin,
and from 32px to 80px in the Inspector

I think that fixes the issue that most screens now have 120dpi or more, while the parts bin was designed for ~72 - 90 dpi. At the same time, the change is small enough to not require further design changes in Fritzing.
The change is probably going into the next (0.9.9) release.