Part for mounting TTH LED on top

What is your solution if you want to do a single sided PCB but mount a through hole LED on TOP?

I put two 5mm LEDS next to each other and bend the legs so that they come out on the other LEDs holes.

I would love to have a part so the distance is always the same. Or if there are better solutions I go with them.

The led by default mounts on the top (component side) of the board.

I can’t picture this. A diagram or a photograph of what you are trying to do would make finding a solution (if there is one) easier.


There is only copper on the front …

A single sided board in Fritzing will do this, you would need to be careful to insert the led the correct direction (I don’t think you will be able to change the LED to bottom of the board in Inspector on a single sided board, but try it!) However soldering it will likely be a problem as the hole isn’t plated through and the LED body will be in the way to solder it I think.


The holes are not plated through, but it is possible (with care and practice) to do the soldering from the non-copper side of the board. The component lead will ‘wick’ the solder through the hole, and connect to the copper. But since you can not “see” that, you have to gauge success by how much solder is used, and flows into the hole. Tricky, error prone, but possible.

What I did is just put another LED next to the spot where I want it and put the legs through the other two holes.