Part Editor saves multiple copies

When creating a new part my process is making changes, saving, repeat until it’s done. Each time I do a save fitzing creates a new file so I end up with a ton of files. Is it okay to delete all the old ones? Am I doing something incorrectly driving it to make all the copies?

here’s an example of what it looks like in this folder:

If you are doing “save as a new part” it will indeed create a new part for each save. This will indeed keep multiple copies of the parts (unless you select don’t keep parts on exit which would also delete you presumably finished part.) This is one of the reasons I don’t use parts editor but rather edit the files directly.


Remembering that there are likely multiple related images for each view, and more for the fzp files. In theory, each of those should be showing up as a version in your “mine” parts bin. There could be references in the bin file as well. Deleting the old versions of the parts from the mine bin should get rid of all of the related files and references when you close Fritzing and tell it to save changes to parts and bins.

I’m just saving the same part, not as a new part, each time I make a make a change. It’s probably not possible to make a new part including the breadboard, pcb and schematic without doing multiple saves along the way.

I don’t see revisions for the part in the MINE bin.

Anyway, since this is a new part and not used in any sketches, I get rid of all the crumbs this way. Probably over 60 files most likely intended as part of the undo or revert scenarios.

  • I export the part to a *.fzpz file.
  • Delete it from any sketches I may have temporarily put it in.
  • In Fritzing I delete the part from the MINE bin.
  • Close any open sketches.
  • Delete it from the TEMP bin if it is there.
  • Then save my way out of Fritzing and close.
  • Delete the *.fzp file from \Documents\Fritzing\parts\user folder
  • Delete SVG files for the part in all folders at \Documents\Fritzing\parts\svg\user
  • Finally open up Fritzing and Import the part from the *.fzpz file.

Use this at your own risk as it may be messing something up somewhere but so far it’s worked pretty good.

The danger of doing this is if you have other parts in the mine parts bin (and/or delete the wrong file) you will screw up your mine parts bin. That is easy enough to fix by just deleting the user files, as long as you have external copies of all the parts in your mine parts bin as fzpz files and are willing to restore them. As noted I tend to ignore parts editor (which isn’t yet complete) and edit the files directly which avoids all these problems, but what ever works best for you is the way to go.