Part editing question


I have an RC522 and I found an appropriate part on the internet. It turned out, that the pins are a little bit different. So I extracted the schematic SVG and changed the pin-names in the schematic (either using a text editor or incscape - it doesn’t matter). If I now load the new svg for the schematic in the parts editor, all pin labels are now rendered very small compared to before. If I open the SVG in incscape, it looks normal. Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be?


Font size issues are often because the svg file ended up with units specified on the font-size attributes. Usually “px”.

Using ‘px’ units is valid for the svg format specification, but Fritzing does not handle it. Fritzing wants just numbers, without units. Inkscape adds the “px” automatically any time the text element is “touched” (edited or moved). Just delete the “px” using a text editor.

If that does not fix it, you can post (upload) the fzpz file here, and we can have a closer look at it. There is also a separate part checking tool, FritzingCheckPart that can be downloaded and run that looks for (and sometimes corrects) various issues.