Part -> Edit (new parts editor) greyed out


I’m using Fritzing version 1.0.1 on a Mac. I’d like to create a new part (small DC motor driver) to include in a larger Raspberry Pi Pico project. However, the Part → Edit (new parts editor) is greyed out on the menu and I can’t start the editor. Is there something I’m doing wrong or is something broken in the version of the app I have?

Doug Farrell

Sounds like you haven’t selected the part you are trying to edit. This is on Windows rather than a Mac, but they should (baring bugs!) work the same:

An image of the failure may get a better answer as well.


Possibly. What I want to do is create a new part, a generic DC motor driver board with 6 pins just to show how it’s connected to a Raspberry Pi Pico on a breadboard. Should I do this by editing an existing part and going from there?

Thanks for the reply by the way.

With parts editor you must start from an existing part with the correct number of pins. Parts editor needs a part to edit and can’t change the number of pins it has, so it needs to have the correct number of pins. It also won’t modify the images, you need to use a svg editor such as Inkscape or Illustrator to do that then load the resulting svg (which needs to be in the correct format!) There are a number of motor drivers available in core parts:

the vnhsp30 part may do what you want although it has more than 6 pins, you can ignore the extras in most cases.

If you want a specific motor driver a google search of the form “fritzing part vnhsp30” (where vnhsp30 is the part number of the motor driver) will find existing parts. In general part creation is fairly complex there are tutorials available in the tutorials section of the forum though. Usually for a single custom part it is better to ask here and let one of us that is experienced in making parts make it for you (we would need a website with the dimensions of the part and its connections to make a part though.)