Part Disappearing in SVG

I read through a couple forum posts about parts disappearing when exporting to SVG files which I am currently having a problem with. It seems that when this happens there is likely a background error so I was hoping someone could help me out with this membrane keypad. I downloaded it from here: 4x4 membrane keypad analog in
Part is attached.
Keypad Membran 4x4.fzpz (11.2 KB)

Iā€™m also having the same issue with this tilt switch.
tiltSwitch_01e46960607b1ef9c344ddd610b692fd_1.fzp (2.4 KB)

The tilt switch needs to be the .fzpz file not just the fzp file (which is xml only no svgs.)


Here is a corrected version of the keypad. All the layerIds are corrected so it should export as an svg (or other image), schematic improved to reflect how it works and pcb (which was non functional) corrected.

Keypad_Membrane_4x4.fzpz (8.0 KB)

If you upload the .fzpz file for the limit switch I will have a look at that too.


Thanks so much! Here is the tilt switch.
Tilt Switch.fzpz (5.8 KB)

Here is a fixed part. It needed less work, some adjustments to the legs in breadboard and the layerIds corrected and now it exports.

Tilt Switch-fixed.fzpz (5.1 KB)


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