Part Creation with New Font

Hi there! I’m trying to learn how to create parts in Fritzing, and am wondering about the new font (OCR-Fritzing) which is mentioned in the blog post for Fritzing 1.0.0’s release.

Is there a place to download the new font to use with part creation? Or is that built into the Fritzing part creator already?

Adam J.

It doesn’t appear that the font download on

has been updated with the new font @KjellM can you comment on where the new font is available from? Normally you need to load the font in to your operating system from the font template but it doesn’t appear to be there (unless I’m blind which is always possible!)


Check in the repository:

We likely need to add it to the font download and change the graphics standard to set it as the new font as well. The new font is indeed in the repository and installable, but presumably needs to be used for new parts …


downloading and installing the font @fai listed appears to work to allow the font to be used in Inkscape. I suspect (but don’t know for sure) that font substitution may convert OCRA to the new font as well.


Font substitution depends on the system, e.g. a website can configure fallback fonts. Fritzing does not (yet) try to replace the OCRA font for custom parts, but it does so for core elements like labels when loading old sketches.

The font is build into Fritzing, so you can use it in parts without having to install it.
For example, if you specify the font like in this copy of the LogoItem that Fritzing uses for the PCB view, then the font will be utilized

<svg xmlns='' width='.40in' height='.13in' viewBox='0 0 40 13' >
<g id='silkscreen'>
<text id="label" x="20" y="9" stroke-width="0" fill="#111111" font-family="OCR-Fritzing-mono" text-anchor="middle" font-size="10" xml:space="preserve">logo</text>

For creating graphics with Inkscape or other tools, you can download the font with the github link that fai posted above.

I will add it to the website as well.