Part appearing on both Sides of PCB

I edited two parts as shown in the picture. But after editing they appear on both sides of the PCB while I want them on the bottom side. I think the problem is in the SVG file with the copper0 and copper1 layers.

Here is the sketch- PCB.fzz (80.2 KB)
I cannot upload the SVGs here because the forums will not let me. But if you need them I will mail them to you.


You can export just the part by right-clicking it from the bin. Usually copper1 is top layer pads and copper0 is bottom on top mounted parts - it might be reverse for bottom mount -, either way try deleting copper0 group. You can also add a silkscreen group above the copper in the XML and put a rectangle in it to show the part outline, because I had a hard time seeing the part.

Or maybe put an empty copper0 in copper1.

Thank you all for your help. I solved it.