Looking for a TEENSY 4.0 Can/Lin breakout board. Spent a while searching for the file and failed to find it. Any help would be very helpful. Thanks in advance

In both cases a pointer to the data sheet for the part you want (with dimension and connector information) would be required.


Teensy 4.0 CAN FD And LIN Bus Breakout Board (

Link to everything is on this website. Hope this can help.

Are you able to help with this? Below is the link that should have everything you need. If not that is completely fine.


I can probably make a part but is going to take some time. I have become busy with non Fritzing issues and there are a number of other requests ahead of you.


Thank you Peter, I really apricated it!

This part should do what you want. Note the screw terminals don’t appear on pcb as they aren’t useful there only the through hole pads on pcb appear.

teensy40-canlin-brk.fzpz (27.4 KB)


Thanks for your help Peter!