Parallax 5 Position Switch

Has anyone made a Parallax 5 Position Switch and can share with me? Thanks!

Not specifically the Parallax one but type joystick in to the core parts search window and you will find several from Sparkfun that should serve.


@vanepp I see what you’re talking about. That may work - I would prefer the exact pinout for sake of simplicity. I might just make it myself, but I had to check first with my friends on the Fritzing Forum!

Also, I apologize. It appears I’m coming off as a complete newbie to this forum. I forgot to include the spec sheet of the part I’m looking to add to my .fzz. For those just seeing this post, please see the spec sheet below of the part I’m looking for.


You are right, they aren’t the same. Try this one it should be better.

Parallax 5-position switch.fzpz (9.1 KB)


@vanepp Sorry for the delayed response. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much!