Pancacke coil 'part'

A pancake coil ‘part’ would make fritzing awesome.

A configurable part where you can set the Inner Diameter, Outer Diameter, copper thickness, trace width, trace spacing, number of turns, and it calculates the Inductance. Or set a resonant frequency and copper thickness and calculate the rest on the fly when you manually resize the inner and outer diameter.

This would allow us to make custom Qi chargers, RFID antennas, filters, resonators, etc. and it would be educational in the process

L (uH) = r^2 * N^2 / (8 * r + 11 * w)

I think it should be possible to put that formula in a SVG and then make it resizeable just like the custom PCB. But unfortunately my coding skills are not good enough to make this. So i hope that sharing this idea may trigger a creative coding mind to do an attempt. and share the results. (even if it fails) So that others can try from there.

The formula uses at deepfriedneon would be even better since it allows to set an Inner Diameter

If it turns out to be simple, then it may be an idea to add options to make bifilar and trifilar coils? But lets keep it basic to start with so that we might learn something about making the SVG itself.

I have been trying to draw coils in Inkscape and then import them into fritzing, and also looked at the data that is in the SVG, but thats where I had to stop.

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I’m wondering if somekind of Fritzing plugin or toolkit exists for Inkscape to make it a bit more easy to make a start in Inkscape.