Panalize (divide) pcb with overlapping holes?

As it is difficult to use v-cut in fritzing i wondering if it possible to seperate muiltiple pcb projects by putting several holes overlapping eachother and make a large cutout except a few places (3 or 4) a small connection to break it of by hand.
As result pcb wil be divided by2 or 3 large oval holes (rounded dashes) with a small (5-10mm) in between.

My question is if this allowed? Could it be bad for fab process or will the fab-processor angry on me?

I order my pcb in seeed fusion pcb and it reduce the costs if i can put multiple projects on 1 pcb of 100x100mm.

I think this depends on the fab house, so it’s best to ask them - maybe have an example design ready to show them.

They support vcut

but i read somewhere they manually check before proces. Some houses are not amused with overlapping holes.

It it just a text-line in the GML file?

Maybe someone could give a example when a 100x100 size has a vcut between a ex. 40/60mm sub-board?

=== update ===

answer on my question is give to me by accidentally.

I ordered a 7-segment digit panel pcb with 3 holes for mounting on the left and righst side (middle and corner) for screws.

Got a reply that it’s not allowed because it was panelizing.
It was ment to be for mounting but i didn’t want to argue and i removed the corner holes and then it was ok.

Ok, v-cut it shall be …