Paid for the download of latest version, doesn't work

Hi to all,

I paid for the latest version to use on Windows 7, but it doesn’t work. I then downloaded a 32 bit version of another version, but couldn’t install as I needed to download the 64 bit version. I’m lost. What version do I need for Windows 7 Home and how can I download it? Thank you, Art

I know that Fritzing 0.9.3b will run on Win7 and there is a 64bit version. It is quite old (2016) but it should work. I think that is the last 32 bit version there is, the rest are all 64bit I think. What happens when you try and install 1.0.1 (the latest version?) It may not run because because Win7 is too old, but it may as well (I haven’t had occasion to try on Win7.) Note it doesn’t have an installer so you need to manually unzip the zip file and copy the files in to the correct directory (there should perhaps still be install instructions around for it somewhere.) It is very desirable to run 1.0.1 as there are many many important bug fixes in it, but as noted it may not run on Win7. It does run fine on Windows10. 1.0.1 should also run on Linux if that is an option for you.