Pad diameter and line width in svg files

Hi, I’m learning in doing custom parts. I downloaded the FontsAndTemplates folder from the Fritzing site, where a pad (in the PCBViewGraphic_Template.svg) has a diameter D of 0.048 inches and the line width W is 0.013 inches.

I compared it with other parts in the fritzing/parts/svg/core/pcb folder, and I realised that these measures are often not followed, for example:

AD22100.svg = D: 0.075 W: 0.020
Arduino_Nano3_pcb.svg = D: 0.056 W: 0.014
sparckfun_connectors_2x5.svg =D: 0.074 W: 0.017
3mm_LED.svg = D: 0.063 W: 0.016

I was wondering if there are some minimum and maximum limits to not exceed!

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Things are kind-of all over the place because of different authors, files converted from EagleCad, and such.

If you want a more consistent std hole and pad size I would check the Core parts, but even they aren’t super consistent.

We are supposed to use std recommendation, but even I don’t follow it because the 0.5mm outlines are too think in my opinion.