Pad and hols diameter

Hi, ware can I finde pad and holes diameter in fritzing?
Cant find it.

Assuming you are referring to pcb pad and hole size, they are defined in the pcb svg file. I think the various editors set them differently. For Inkscape hole size is

pad diameter - (stroke-width *2) i.e. a pad with a .078 dia and a 20 thou stroke width creates a .038 hole in the board.


I are in the PCB and using Windows. I dont know where to find the pad and hole size.
Thanks for Answeres

I don’t think it will display the hole size assuming you want the hole size from a part. Inspector will display hole sizes for vias I think. You can in pcb view file->export->for production->extended gerber and in the drill.txt file that is created you will find the hole sizes (although associating that with a particular hole is exciting). Otherwise you would need to open the part’s pcb svg file in an svg editor and proceed as above.


Thanks Peter.
I wil look on it

Do you mean a single pad part, because that is a VIA in the bin. You adjust size in Inspector.