P9813-based LED Driver request

Name of the part
Full Color RGB LED Strip Driver Module Shield P9813

Top view

The official documentation of the part manufacture is linked here:

I did not read this
Breakout board, sub assembly, plug in module (A)
Antenna (AE)
Battery (BT)
Capacitor (C)
Diode (D)
Display (DS)
Fuse (F)
Hardware , mounting screws, etc. (H)
Jack, fixed part of a connector pair, header (J)
Relay (K)
Inductor, Coil, Ferrite bead (L)
Loudspeaker, Buzzer (LS)
Motor (M)
Microphone (MK)
Plug, moveable part of a connector pair (P)
Transistor (Q)
Resistor (R)
Thermistor (RT)
Varistor (RV)
Switch (S)
Transformer (T)
Integrated Circuit (IC)
Crystal, Oscillator (Y)
Zender diode (Z)
Other (please specifiy)

This part should do what you want. Note pcb view is suppressed as not useful.
RGB-LED-Strip-Driver-Module.fzpz (14.6 KB)


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That’s what I’ve looked for, thank you so much!