Own PCB Shape possible?


I want to create my own PCB shape.

How can I do that with fritzing?

I am only finding fixed shaped PCB’s and no tool which allows me to reshape a rectangle PCB (for example).

My best regards, Matthias

You need to create an svg file with the custom shape in inkscape or some other graphics editor. Here are some instructions

You can do a search of Fritzing and find more post.

Hi, yes, this is working up to the point where you want to produce that board. This is the message the fritzing PCB service states on upload of my board:

I already added a layer “dimension” tp the svg and it has the same info as the “silkscreen”.

Fritzing is using a new service (aisler.net).

Do you have any idea what to do now?

My best regards,


Here is the solution for that:

Yes, it is possible to design your PCB in any shape and size. You can design your PCB shape according to you. There are a number of tools that used to make the PCB shapes.