Oscilloscope part?

Is there any oscilloscope part for Fritzing? I am considering creating one, but I could save some work if there is one available.

Doesn’t look like much, a google search for “fritzing part oscillosope” turns up a digilent analog discovery scope part here:

but that is about it. I assume you are thinking of a conventional scope with a screen and there doesn’t appear to be one anywhere.


Hi @vanepp ,
I am working on an oscilloscope part for the simulator and to be included in the core parts. This is what I created so far. Could you double-check it an adjust it to Fritzing standards?
The idea is that in the future users coud adjust the different properties by using the knobs of the part (For now, the properties will be changed in the inspector pane). But that is why I would like to keep the knobs for vertical and horizontal adjustments. The button area on the top-right can be modified.
Maybe one thing would be to add small circles to
the knobs. If possible, do not change the screen size and position. I have hardcoded that info in the simulator code to draw the signal on top of the screen.
Thanks for your help!

By and large the svg looks fine. I removed all the groups and rescaled it to be the recommended scale and ran it through FritzingCheckPart.py (which removed some tspans) but it should be fine. I moved the connectors to the bottom of the svg as well. Here is the modified version



I think there is something wrong with the paths of the scale sign when imported into Fritzing:

any idea?
By the way, is it mandatory to rescale the svg to inches and use 1000th of units? I always think that it is easier to leave the units in mm (in my parts, in footprints would be better to use inches) and with a scale 1:1, but probably I am not aware of something.

Found the problem. There were px units in the stroke-width of these paths. Maybe your tool does not chek for paths?

No, it only checks for font-size, I didn’t know that path was an issue. I’ll look at converting paths too.


The part file format doc asks (requires?) that the scale be 1 drawing unit = 1/1000in. Nothing to stop you from using the units in millimeters if the scale is then set to 0.00254 so the drawing units are still 1/1000in. I don’t know that it makes any practical difference since vector scaling will work no matter the scale but for me it is more convenient because I know a radius of 29 with a stroke-width of 20 will give me a pad with a 0.038in hole suitable for a header and the units in XML editor are in 1/1000 of an inch. I assume that is why the part file format specifies that viewbox multiplier (but don’t know for sure!)


I have never seen a stroke-width with px before, it is interesting that Fritzing objects. In theory it should be safe enough to remove the px in FritzingCheckPart.py I think although it may change the size of the displayed image (depending if px is drawing units or not) so probably rates a warning to check the svg output. I’ll look at adding that to check part!