Operating multiple servos

I am a complete nube to programming/arduino however I can weild a soldering iron!.
I wish to build a device that I can simply switch (using a push button) servos to move from one extreme to another stopping at the extreme untill the button is pressed again. I can find a number of examples using a single servo but nothing showing two or more operated in this way. (I want to be able to control points on a model railway, each servo would be independent of the others along with its own push button) Is there anyone out there that could indicate a suitable sketch and possibly a diagram of assembly, as I say, I dont know where to start.
Any help greatly appreciated

Hello nube,

I don’t mean to discourage you, I think you would have better luck resolving your problem from people who are in field of using Arduinos to control model railroads. I typed in a search (model railroad with arduino) and came up with a couple of links. There are lots of people who have used arduinos with model railroads, I think you may need to just look in the right place. If I were to build a model RR with microcontrollers, this is where I would I would start. There are more links besides just there two…


Good luck