Open Source SVG Editor for new (custom) parts

In case anyone is interested, I have writted my own SVG Editor, specificly for creating SVG files for new, custom parts for Fritzing. Source code (Tcl/Tk) available on github at I have also uploaded built binaries for several O/Ss to my FTP site:


Robert, great work! Now if we could just intergrate this into the program. Oh my… :heart_eyes:

Thanks Robert! ipm going to try it!

OK, as a first step to integrating this parts editor in Fritzing, I have re-coded it in C++ using Qt. Available on github at It is pretty much done. The help system and documentation is not done, and there is a hole in the read function (does not read back arcs/paths). And the UI is probably not as nice as some people might want it to be (no dragging, no positioning via the mouse, etc.), but it should be done enough for the Fritzing develeopers to take it to the point in integrating it into Fritzing, without having to dig into my Tcl code.

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