Open source FPGA boards


Since the Fritzing come in the spirit of Arduino, I think that it is good to include open source FPGA boards like Papilio in the parts library of the Fritzing. The board uses a modified version of Arduino IDE which is called DesignLab. The DesignLab is essentially Arduino IDE with the inclusion of toolbar for calling the Xilinx ISE program. I am specially concerned with Papilio Pro model that is constructed using Xilinx Spartan 6 LX9. I flashed a soft processor which is called ZPUino into the board and then start developing code using Arduino IDE library.

It will be great if you include this line of products into your parts library.

Please visit web site. they provided the Eagle file of their Papilio pro in their download section.

Thank you

We could if someone did the work required. These are fairly complex boards (and thus time consuming to make) for a limited market share. I did make an arduino Vidor 4000 (which has a cyclone10 fpga on it) for someone recently so I can say for sure it is a non trivial amount of work (although these boards don’t seem to be as complex I will admit).


We aren’t vector drawing experts, so something that big would be difficult for us. The best we can do is moding already made parts or making small parts, if we have actual dimensional datasheets. If you want to draw the complicated breadboard image - if you are that good you should be able to do all of them -, then someone might help, Basically in the engineering fields it’s CAD not vector drawing, so there is not many svg experts here.

I will be doing a tutorial on how to do a simplified BB svg the easy way, but that will take time because I have to learn how to do custom shape outlines for weird PCBs.

Is there one particular board you are interested in? I tend to make new parts when development gets too frustrating (parts making is marginally less frustrating and much more successful than development) and you may get lucky.