One or more milling paths for outer contours (cutouts) are missing or incomplete

Does anyone know what this means? I created this board in Inkscape and can’t seem to get rid of this error. I have seen way more complicated board designs, so I am not sure what I am doing wrong.


I do not recognize the software you are using. It is not Fritzing. What input do you use for generating the milling paths? Gerber output? If so, supplying that (not just an image) might have details that can be used to help.

There have been bugs where closed shapes miss generating the final edge. Which version of Fritzing were you using?

Uploading the fzz sketch file, can also help, in case the problem starts with the way the pcb shape was being created.

This is something I do when I just want to look at a PCB with the order PCB from Fritzing. I am hoping that the error is just specific to that site that opens by default. I am using V 0.9.9. Here is a test file with that board in it.
test_1590B.fzz (25.5 KB)

And it IS the gerber output from Fritzing that you use on the site??

Is the site what you get to from “Fritzing Fab Quote”? I haven’t used that.

I generated gerber output from your fzz file using Fritzing 0.9.6 (flatpak version), and viewed it using gerbv version 2.7.0. The contour looks good, which, without more information, is where I would expect your missing path message is coming from. The only thing I see strange (with fairly quick ckecks) in the gerber, is the transistor silkscreen. The ‘arc’ is missing.

Have you looked at the gerber output with a viewer program?

On 0.9.10 on Win10 it also looks ok (at least for the contour)

Silkscreen appears wrong though which likely means the source svg isn’t correct. I’ll recover the svg from the .fz file and have a look at it when I get some time.


Your svg isn’t correctly formatted. silkscreen needs to be the group enclosing the path not the path itself. Try this svg and see if it works better.


(right click on the image and select save file as to recover the svg)

In gerbv it looks like this


It still shows that error, so I am guessing it is just that particular site. I just use that to get a quick picture of the PCB. I don’t order from them. I will use the Gerbv to check that. Thanks!