Omron G6AK-274P-ST-US, 12VDC @ 2 Amp, Bistable, Low Signal Relay, DPDT

Adding another Omron DPDT latching relay.
This is bi-stable.

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Omron_G6AK_274P_ST_US_12VDC_2A.fzpz (8.3 KB)

Looks good, except that copper1 in the pcb svg is labeled copper1_1_ and thus doesn’t match the fzp file (which is copper1) and thus you can’t attach traces to the top of the board.

  <layers image="pcb/prefix0000_G6AK_12VDC_b12422a0a498bb9766bd97b78f8dd009_1_pcb.svg">
    <layer layerId="copper0"/>
    <layer layerId="silkscreen"/>
    <layer layerId="copper1"/>