Odd Thing Regarding SVG and Cutouts - Question

Odd thing: When I load an SVG of a custom PCB, a popup (may) tell me it has One Cutout. That’s good (because it does have one cutout). However, about half the time, I can load the same, un-modified SVG and the dialog say’s No Cutouts found.

The SVG can be as simple as two Rectangles (one inside the other). All my image viewers show it correctly and so does Fritzing - but, just sometimes it’s interpreted as a Cutout, sometime Not…

Question - what is Fritzing looking for to determine if there is a cutout? Is there a Tag I can add?

Haven’t found any insight in documentation…


It is all about the order the points are written in the SVG path. It wants the first unbroken path to be the perimeter and any subsequent ones are holes. If you move a point or change a curve after the difference operation that made the hole(s) Inkscape adds the transform at the end of the path instead of altering the original points thus making the data no longer unbroken and in order. So this is why I say in my tips and tricks that you need to make the difference as the last action. To fix it all you have to do is select the path and press (shift ctrl K) to break apart the paths and then re-perform the differences one at a time as the last operation done to the path.

Yes - that takes care of it. Thank you.
I discovered my error - bucket filling color after doing the difference.
Filling it with color creates a Path after the Difference path.