Obter os Componentes

Como obter os componentes: Goouuu Mini-S1 ESP8266 Nodemcu Wifi e Sensor de corrente não invasivo 100A SCT-013.

There doesn’t seem to be a part for either of these. The Wimos mini in core parts is close (but two less pins and a different pin out) to the Goouuu Mini-S1. As to the current sensor this project used an inductor to stand in for it which you could do as well.


found via google with search term “fritzing part sct-013”


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If you don’t need an exact layout I can fairly easily modify the Wimos mini to add the 2 missing pins and change the pin labels as it already seems to be pretty close to the board you have. There doesn’t seem to be a mechanical drawing of the Mini-S1 any where that I can see. I assume the pin spacing between the rows is .9 in (most of the esp boards are that width except the node v3 board with is I think 1.1 inches.?)


Se você puder modificar eu agradeço.
Eu também não encontrei o desenho dele.

Try this part out for the mini. I think it is at least close to correct in outline (and hopefully pin spacing) although it won’t be exact in outline I expect since there isn’t enough data available. Post if you find a problem and I’ll fix it up.

Goouuu Mini-S1 ESP8266 Nodemcu.fzpz (36.6 KB)


Some dimensions here

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Yep that was what I was going from. But that’s only the outside dimensions not any of the spacing (such as if the .1 connectors are on .9 centers as most of these).


Bom dia. Sobre o sensor de corrente não invasivo eu não consegui encontrar o desenho correto para que eu colocasse no documento qque preciso. Com o termo que me falou na internet eu achei um mais não é o desenho certo do sensor. Você poderia me dizer oonde eu encontro o desenho correto dele?

Try this one:

edit: replace with one with breadboard correctly defined …

sct-013.fzpz (7.6 KB)

The pcb is a 3.5mm stereo jack as that is what the cable ends in. I think the pins are correct but of course don’t have one to try.


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Thanks for the components m8 o/