NXP Semiconductor NX3DV42, SOT1160-1

In designing a PCB, I’m finding a need for an electronic DPDT switch. The only IC I can find that serves that function is the NXP Semiconductor NX3DV42 which comes exclusively in XQFN10 packages.

So, I need either:

  1. A Fritzing object for one of the XQFN10 packages that the NX3DV42 comes in (preferably the SOT1160-1 version), or
  2. A recommendation for a different IC that will serve the DPDT function in a package that already exists within Fritzing.

Any help?

Other than I wouldn’t like to try and solder the package, it is easy enough to make a part for the NX3DV42. That said a google search for “dpdt analog switch ic” turns up a variety of chips (none of which I have used) some of which appear to be in dip/smd packages. It is also possible to make a dpdt switch from one or more of the analog mux ICs. I’d probably see if one of the chips in the google search would serve your purpose in an easier to use package.


Well, it’s not exactly going to be hand-soldered; there are other extremely fine ICs on this board, so I’m having it done.

Still, I did find ON Semiconductor’s FSA221, which comes in an MSOP-10 package; I was at least able to find one of those in my search within Fritzing (in the MCP46X2). So, the problem is adequately solved.

(Sheesh… I do wish that at least the MSOP and SOIC chips had the same “however many pairs of leads” capability that the DIP chips do. That would make many things along these lines much, much easier.)

If you want to make the part yourself, here is some vids.

Here is a part for the Nx3DV42 (in the largest package though):

NX3DV42.fzpz (6.8 KB)

I’d suggest printing out the footprint at 1:1 scale on transparency (overhead slide) and compare it to a real part before ordering boards. If you need one of the other sizes, that wouldn’t be difficult. The DRC rules need adjusting, default DRC fails as the pins are too close.