Number-type of board


i have a board like in this top Image

but when i use a board in fritzing the number orientation will be in the other side.

is it possible to Change the number-orientation in fritzing?


regards Jan

Maybe I am missing something but couldn’t you just rotate your real word breadboard 180 degrees. Or if you have to have it the other way around in Fritzing you can Press Ctrl + R to rotate the breadboard 180 degrees.

hi !

if i rotate then the number orientation is correct.

but look at the power-Definition (blue /red line)

regards Jan

It is a fairly trivial task to change the svg to match your breadboard. This isn’t quite correct in that inspector doesn’t select this correctly but if you load this part the breadboard should match yours.

breadboard2revnum.fzpz (45.0 KB)


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thanks - i will tested.

regards Jan